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Welcome to The SDX Hub!


The SDX Hub is an online resource used to allow our current artists and designers to access services and information provided by SDX as well as allowing them to manage their space. With over 300 of Scotland’s artists and designers selling through SDX our administration workload can be quite cumbersome, the SDX Hub will take on a lot of the administrative duties currently carried out by our store teams.


The Hub is also a space for you all to connect with each other through our forums where you can post questions, start discussions, and open up avenues for collaboration. You can view our events calendar which will give dates and details for upcoming in store events as well as community events.


Our aim is for The Hub to become your go to resource for managing your space and growing your business, to that end we have many features still being developed. If you would have any questions about The Hub or you would assistance with any of the features, please contact If you would like to apply for a space at The Scottish Design Exchange, please contact

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