About SDX

What we do 

The Scottish Design Exchange brings Scotland's Artists and Designers to your High Street. We are a not-for-profit, creative social enterprise based in Edinburgh and Glasgow.


We are tired of seeing Scotland’s High Streets decline in the grip of corporate greed, so we open stores that are filled with the work of local artists and designers.

We see the isolation that can come with being an artist or designer, so we create a community for you to be a part of. 

We know the struggles of building a business, so we offer advice and support to help Scottish brands flourish.  

We are the Scottish Design Exchange, and You can help us make these changes to Scotland

Meet Glasgow's Team 
Business Development Manager: Graeme


Team Co-ordinator: Stacy

Leaders: Kelly and Linzie

Support: Grant, Ian, Kirsten, Lucy, Megan and Phoebe

Meet Edinburgh's Team 
CEO: Lynzi Leroy

Finance manager: Christine 

Online support : Harriet 

Administration: Craig

Leaders: Megan, Jodie, Judith 

Support: Anna, Katie

Weekend support: Ruby, Ilona 


We also work with international college students who do short-term internships with us.