Do you have a design or product that you’re eager to develop and bring to market? Maybe you just have an idea for a product and need help to get things going? Or maybe you’ve created a new eco product that will help people to look after our environment? If so and you’re aged 18 to 24 and living in Scotland, then we want to hear from you!

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 The Scottish Design Exchange (SDX) is pleased to announce our 2022 Young Designer Competition!

Our 2018/19 competition ran with great success and this time around we’re building on that success to create more opportunities for Scotland’s young designers.

There are two categories in our 2022 competition, the traditional Young Designer Award, and the new Eco Design Award, both awards come with a cash prize of £1,000, a year of in-kind support to sell your product in our retail stores and online for free, on-going advice and support as well as well as marketing promotion.

Designs entered into the competition can be from any medium of product design including ceramics, wood, glass, sculpture, fashion, textiles, skincare, electronics and many more. If successful, applicants will be invited to a “Pitch meeting” where they will be given the opportunity to pitch their design to our judging panel, either in person or via video call, finalists will be chosen by the panel to attend our exhibition and award ceremony in Glasgow in early 2022. 

How Do I Apply?

To apply all you have to do is:

  • Contact us at to express your interest and receive your application form.

  • Complete our designer application form.

  • Submit your design brief.

  • Submit your designer bio.

Your design brief should include written information, but you may wish to include a video or create a unique brief, whichever you choose, your brief must include:

  • The name of your design.

  • Images of your design and any prototypes or finished products.

  • Description of your design, including:

    • Specifications, such as dimensions and weight

    • Materials used for manufacturing

    • Any variations applicable to the design when creating a product range

  • The journey of your design from inspiration to concept to design.

  • Estimated costs for manufacturing your design.

Your designer bio is an opportunity for you to tell us about you, consider including your background, what inspires you, talk about your passion and why designing is so important to you. There are no rules for the designer bio and it can take any form that you choose.


Applications must be sent to:

Application deadline: 

5pm on 28/02/2022

 To be eligible to enter the competition you must meet the following criteria:

Criteria 1

  • Applicants must be 18 to 24 years old and currently live in Scotland.

Criteria 2

  • Applicant must hold all rights and ownership of their submitted work, products or designs.

Criteria 3

  •  Applicants must be able to produce a prototype of their design should they reach our “Pitch Meeting” stage of the competition

Applicants for our “Eco Design Award” must demonstrate that their product is

Criteria 1

  • Reusable, recyclable, or creates an eco-friendly mindset with the user

Criteria 2

  • Made from eco-friendly materials

Criteria 3

  • Manufacturing the product does not contribute to high emissions or waste
Good Luck!